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the world of showzi tsukamoto's urushi art
Urushi Art Jewelry
urushi art jewelryShowzi Tsukamoto's Urushi Art Jewelries are made of engraved precious metals coated with many layers of Urushi, giving it its vivid glossy texture. The surface is then sprinkled with pure gold and silver for an ornamented effect. This method, originally used for traditional Japanese crafts, such as weapons and armor making between the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries, has been developed by Tsukamoto as an original technique for his contemporary art works. This combination of traditional and contemporary design makes Tsukamoto's work unique and authentic.
Urushi Art Jewelry is made of the precious Japanese Urushi, collected in the region of Jyohoji temple in the northern prefecture, Iwate. Refined products "KijiroUrushi" and "Kuroroiro Urushi" are high in quality, their transparency giving the finished surface a profound luster. Unlike affordable Chinese Urushi that dominates 99% of consumption in Japan today, Japanese Urushi is used only for luxury products due to the cost. The specific climate of the region and the kind of Urushi tree makes the products a superior one. "Kijiro Urushi" is suited for attaining vivid color and glossy texture, while "Kuroroiro Urushi" is perfect for creating the mirror finish, a rich black shiny surface.
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showzi tsukamoto's urushi art
Titanium・Urushi[Urushi Art "Kintaishitsugei"]
titanium1 titanium2
titanium3 titanium4
LVMH Louis Vitton Moët Hennessey
1989 International Science Prize "Science pour L'Art" Award for exceptional artwork.
Theme: Texture and Surface – The Effect of Vision & the Sense of Touch & Art

The award was given to Tsukamoto for his art and the new vision for creating Urushi Art. Based on the traditional craft technique called "Kintaishitsugei", He developed his own technique to apply Urushi on the precious metal, titanium.

LVMH Louis Vitton Moët Hennessey
International Science Prize "Science pour L'Art" Award for exceptional artwork.

1989 Award Ceremony at Conciergerie, Paris.

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