Tsukamoto Showzi's Profile
Tsukamoto Showzi's Profile
Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, winning the "Salon de Printemps Award" for best graduate work.

While specializing in engravings for his Master, he studied "Kintaishitsugei", the technique to apply Urushi on the surface of Precious Metals, commenced the creation of Urushi Art and Urushi Art Jewerly.
Established a design company, Zivaco Inc., specializing in exterior and interior design. Alongside of his business, he continued producing Urushi Art.

Became a pupil of a Enshuu-ryuu tea master, Kobori Soukei.
Started his studies on "Kintsugi", the traditional technique to fix antique pottery with Urushi and gold.
Zivaco Inc. opens Showji Tukamoto's Urushi Art Jewelry department.
Starts to exhibit Urushi Art Jewelry annually at Galleries in Tokyo.
Received a "Enshuu-ryu"tea master licence.
Received International Scence Prize "Science pour L'Art" Award for exceptional art work. by the Moët Hennessy. Louis Vuitton.

Awarded by Japan Design Competition.

Exhibit Urushi Art at Lesley Craze Gallery's exhibition, "Japanese Contemporary" in London, England.

Completion of his Urushi Art Object, "Movement of Wave" for the first floor lobby of Ikebukuro Sunshine 60 building in Tokyo, Japan.
Established a school of "Kintsugi", the traditional technique of fixing antique pottery with Urushi and gold.
Exhibited Urushi Art at Crafts Council Gallery's "Contemporary Japanese Jewelry" exhibition in London, England
Presently Tsukamoto exhibits his Urushi Art and Urushi Jewerly annually
at Galleries in Tokyo.
He also teaches the technique of “Kintsugi” in Tokyo.
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